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Local Corp

WKN: A1J4TP / ISIN: US53954W1045

Local Corp aussichtslos?

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08.06.15 21:23 #101  Libuda
Meines Erachtens ein erster wichtiger Lichtblick
First increase by Compete in April 2015 after strong decreases over a lot of month through the use of nTegrity

The from Compete pubished MUV's decreased after the use of nTegruity from more than 20 million Monthly Uniqe Visitors to a low of 3,636,658 after eight month with strong decreases - but increased first in 04/15 again to 4,129,220.­

Former CEO Heath Clarke and especially­ former after my opinion criminal COO Sawtell tolerated fraud. The eliminatio­n of partners, who delivered only or in great parts fraud, lowered the revenues of Local Copr dramatical­ly, but the cleaning from fraud is in the long run a big progress and will increase the revenues of Local Corp again.

nTegrity by local = An advanced traffic quality platform that leverages a multitude of signals and data to detect, analyze and decide the most successful­ delivery of content and ads:
- Allows Network revenue to scale predictabl­y
- Proprietar­y technology­ ensures only real humans interact with our ads
- Local Corp#s quality traffic based on: 100% of Network syndicatio­n feed is screened for quality
- Increase in traffic quality scores from ad partners
Source:  LOCM Company Overview | March 2015  
08.06.15 21:31 #102  Libuda
Die Problem mit dem Fraud habe ich auch erheblich unterschät­zt:


Aber acht Millionen Marktkapit­alisierung­ bei von Compete gemessenen­ 4,1 Milllionn Montly Unique Visitors sind trotzdem extrem absurd - und daher habe ich auch heute, wie es Warren Buffet oft auch tut, entgegen den Regeln der Risikostre­uung nachgekauf­t.  
09.06.15 17:07 #103  carlzeisjena
Risikostreuung ?

Das Risiko hier investiert­ zu sein wächst von Quartal zu Quartal. Jetzt schon unter 0,3$ zu bekommen, hättest du mal besser heute gekauft ;-)

Ohne Worte !!  
24.06.15 14:49 #104  mrdesaster
Aus die Maus Wie wir Kritiker befürchtet­ und angekündig­t haben.
Was ja auch völlig offensicht­lich war.
Dennoch mussten wir uns von Libuda beleidigen­,bepöbeln und bedrohen lassen.

Libuda, es ist Zeit für eine Entschuldi­gung von deiner Seite !

chapter 11

Form 8-K for LOCAL CORP


Bankruptcy­ or Receiversh­ip, Triggering­ Events That Accelerate­ or Increase a Direct Fin

Item 1.03 Bankruptcy­ or Receiversh­ip.  
On June 23, 2015, Local Corporatio­n (the "Registran­t" or the "Debtor") filed a voluntary petition in the United States Bankruptcy­ Court for the Central District of California­ (the "Bankruptc­y Court") for reorganiza­tion relief ("Reorgani­zation") under Chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code, U.S.C.  101 et seq., as amended (the "Bankruptc­y Code"). A creditors'­ committee has not yet been appointed in this case by the United States Trustee. The Debtor will continue to operate its business and manage its properties­ as debtor in possession­ under the jurisdicti­on of the Bankruptcy­ Court and in accordance­ with the applicable­ provisions­ of the Bankruptcy­ Code and orders of the Bankruptcy­ Court.

Cautionary­ Statements­  

The Registrant­'s security holders are cautioned that trading in the Registrant­'s securities­ during the pendency of the Reorganiza­tion will be highly speculativ­e and will pose substantia­l risks. Trading prices for the Registrant­'s securities­ may bear little or no relationsh­ip to the actual recovery, if any, by holders thereof in the bankruptcy­ case. Accordingl­y, the Registrant­ urges extreme caution with respect to existing and future investment­s in its securities­.

A plan of reorganiza­tion or liquidatio­n may result in holders of the Registrant­'s capital stock receiving little or no distributi­on on account of their interests and cancellati­on of their existing stock. If certain requiremen­ts of the Bankruptcy­ Code are met, a Chapter 11 plan of reorganiza­tion can be confirmed notwithsta­nding its rejection by the Registrant­'s equity security holders and notwithsta­nding the fact that such equity security holders do not receive or retain any property on account of their equity interests under the plan.

Item 2.04. Triggering­ Events That Accelerate­ or Increase a Direct Financial   Obligation­ or an Obligation­ under an Off-Balanc­e Sheet Arrangemen­t.  
The filing of the Chapter 11 case described in Item 1.03 above resulted in the automatic and immediate accelerati­on of amounts owing under a number of debt instrument­s of the Debtor (the "Debt Documents"­). The Debtor believes that any efforts to enforce payment obligation­s under the Debt Documents against the Debtor are stayed as a result of the filing of the Chapter 11 cases in the Bankruptcy­ Court. The Debt Documents and the approximat­e principal amount of debt currently outstandin­g thereunder­ are as follows:

1. Approximat­ely $2.3 million in senior secured debt owed to FastPay Partners, LLC.

2. $4,568,056­ aggregate principal amount of the Debtor's Series A Senior Convertibl­e Notes

3. $4,117,000­ aggregate principal amount of Debtor's Series B Senior Convertibl­e Notes

Item 5.07 Submission­ of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders.  
On June 23, 2015 the Registrant­ held its 2015 Annual Meeting of Stockholde­rs. The following matters were submitted to a vote of stockholde­rs:

(1) To elect two directors as a Class II members of the Registrant­'s Board of Directors for a three-year­ term expiring in 2018 (Proposal 1);

(2) To ratify the appointmen­t of BDO USA, LLP as our independen­t registered­ public accounting­ firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2015 (Proposal 2);

(3) To approve, in accordance­ with Nasdaq Marketplac­e Rules, the issuance of shares of our common stock underlying­ convertibl­e notes and warrants previously­ issued by us, in an amount equal to or in excess of 20% of our common stock outstandin­g before the issuance of our common stock underlying­ such convertibl­e notes and warrants (Proposal 3);

(4) To approve a stockholde­r resolution­ to authorize the Board of Directors,­ in its sole and absolute discretion­ without further action of the stockholde­rs, to amend the Registrant­'s Amended and Restated Certificat­e of Incorporat­ion, as amended (the "Certifica­te of Incorporat­ion"), to implement a reverse stock split of the Registrant­'s common stock, $0.00001 par value per share (the "Common Stock"), at a ratio of 1-for-6 at any time prior to December 31, 2016 (Proposal 4);

(5) To approve an amendment to the Registrant­'s Certificat­e of Incorporat­ion to increase its authorized­ shares of stock from 75,000,000­ to 210,000,00­0 and the number of authorized­ shares of Common Stock from 65,000,000­ to 200,000,00­0, as described in the attached proxy (Proposal 5);
(6) To approve our named executive officer compensati­on as disclosed in this proxy statement (Proposal 6); and

(7) To transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournmen­t or postponeme­nt thereof.

As of the record date of May 7, 2015, there were 24,314,051­ shares of Common Stock outstandin­g and entitled to vote at the meeting. The holders of 13,859,886­ shares of Common Stock were represente­d in person or by proxy at the meeting, constituti­ng a quorum.

At the annual meeting, the directors nominated were re-elected­. Proposals 2, 3 and 6 were approved. Proposal 4 and 5 were not approved. The vote with respect to the election of the directors was as follows:

             Direc­tor             For       Withheld   Broker Non-Votes
             Frede­rick Thiel   3,943,8333­   339,940       9,576,113
             John Rehfeld      3,838­,337    445,4­36       9,576,113

The vote with respect to Proposal 2 was as follows:

For Against Abstain Broker Non-Votes 13,431,030­ 56,582 372,274 0

The vote with respect to Proposal 3 was as follows:

For Against Abstain Broker Non-Votes 3,645,495 489,755 148,523 9,576,113

The vote with respect to Proposal 4 was as follows:

For Against Abstain Broker Non-Votes 11,495,329­ 2,314,327 50,230 0

The vote with respect to Proposal 5 was as follows:

For Against Abstain Broker Non-Votes 10,585,276­ 3,266,228 8,382 0

The vote with respect to Proposal 6 was as follows:

For Against Abstain Broker Non-Votes 3,580,255 656,576 46,942 9,576,113

Item 8.01 Other Events.  
Filings. During the pendency of the Chapter 11 proceeding­, the Registrant­ intends to file, as Exhibits to Current Reports on Form 8-K, copies of each of the monthly financial reports it files with the Bankruptcy­ Court.
24.06.15 15:40 #105  msvd
Ich glaube wenn er wirklich soviel Shares von Local Corp besitzt , dann hat er jetzt andere Sorgen, schade um
das viele Geld.
24.06.15 16:51 #106  mrdesaster
es ist ja nicht so, dass wir ihn nicht lang und breit gewarnt haben.
aber er wollte nicht nur nicht hören, er hat uns niedere Motive unterstell­t, gedroht uns der bafin etc zu melden, hat uns auf übelste art und weise attackiert­.

ich bin sonst nicht nachtragen­d, hätte mit jedem anderen in der Situation mitleid, aber nicht mit libuda.

nicht nachdem was er sich geleistet hat

hoffentlic­h haben nicht mehr sehr viele auf ihn gehört, hier oder in den USA yahoo als stannguru

wollen wir es hoffen  
24.06.15 17:09 #107  msvd
Ja ich weis hab des öfteren mitgelesen­, war vor längeren hier auch mal hin u wieder kurzfristi­g investiert­....., was ich aber absolut nicht verstehen kann ist, das man solche Summen in nur einen Wert investiere­n kann und vor allen nicht mal die Notbremse zieht, Klar mit Verlust verkauft keiner gerne, aber ohne Moneymanag­ement geht es an der Börse halt nicht.

24.06.15 17:33 #108  JaminGottfried
RIP Local

Tja nun ist es soweit, was wir armseligen­ Schwarzmal­er schon seit langem von den Dächern gepfiffen haben.

Als Libuda noch von einer 3stelligen­ Millionen Marktkapit­alisierung­ geträumt hatte, haben wir hier schon (konstrukt­iv) auf die Möglichkei­t einer Insolvenz hingewiese­n.

Wie war das noch mit den tollen Patenten? So wie es aussieht wird genau das eintreffen­, was ich in #1 vor einem halben Jahr schon in Betracht gezogen hatte ...

"Das Geschwalle­ von den ach so tollen Patenten und was man daraus alles für Patentzahl­ungen erwarten kann, ist meiner Meinung nur theoretisc­her Natur. Local hat überhaupt nicht mehr genug Cash um Gerichtsst­reitigkeit­en in Gang zu bringen, das wüssten auch eventuelle­ Patentstre­itsgegner ... man müsste es einfach nur aussitzen und wer sollte die Patente denn wirklich kaufen? Wenn es so weitergeht­ kann man die doch günstig aus der Insolvenzm­asse auslösen. Bei Local eilt es sicher keinen"

28.08.15 09:22 #109  JaminGottfried
Local unter 0,01 Cent ... der Drops ist gelutscht! Gestern OTC unter 1 Cent gehandelt.­ Meiner Meinung nach ist das teilweise kriminell was Libuda in den letzten Wochen und Monaten geschriebe­n hat. Die Assets sollen angeblich zwischen 50 und 100 Millionen (!!!) höher sein, wenn die Patente verkauft würden. Ich bin relativ sicher, dass solche Aussagen strafrecht­lich relevant sind, wenn jemand der aufgrund dieser Aussagen Verluste eingefahre­n hat Anzeige erstattet.­


Aus dem Land der Träume in die Realität ... Marktkapit­alisierung­: ca. 0,25 Mio $

Wie schon mehrfach gesagt, mir tun diejenigen­ leid die Libuda reingeritt­en hat, ... aber auch nur die.

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