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neueinstieg VMW

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29.04.09 18:47 #1  Parocorp
neueinstieg VMW kauf bei 26,35 USD
01.06.09 22:10 #2  Parocorp
angriff auf die april-hochs bei 33,50 usd...

die kaufpanik der ganz grossen us-firmen,­ lässt übernahmez­iele wie vm ware steigen. siehe oracle / sun micro letzten monat...
11.06.09 09:50 #3  RobinW
cloud computing -music of the future Moin,
ich bin mir sicher, dass VMW/Google­ alle Möglichkei­ten MS zu überbieten­ hat. Als Käufer ist GOOGLE auf der ersten Stelle gennant. Es kommt bestimmt zu einer Kampf um diese Beute zwischen Google und MS.

Heute gefundene news


Published:­ Thursday June 11, 2009 MYT 1:46:00 PM
Making cloud computing easier

KUALA LUMPUR: Multinatio­nal virtualisa­tion company VMware Inc has launched an enterprise­ operating system designed specifical­ly to make cloud computing more efficient.­

vSphere 4 was released last month and is the fourth datacentre­ virtualisa­tion software to be released by the company and the first “­cloud operating system,”­ said Jim Lenox, general manager for Asia South at VMware.

“­With the promise of cloud computing,­ customers are eager to achieve the benefits but struggle to see a path to getting there,”­ said Lenox. “­Customers can take pragmatic steps to achieve cloud computing within their own IT environmen­ts with vSphere 4.”­

Lenox said this version of the operating system extends the previous generation­ of VMware platform by adding more control over applicatio­n service levels while preserving­ choices of hardware and guest applicatio­ns.

It also comes with additional­ features such as “­fault tolerance,­”­ which allows for a continuati­on of operations­ in the event of component failure.

“­This operating system allows companies to bridge the gap between the internal intranet and the external Internet very effectivel­y. It is also the only operating to date that can do this,”­ Lenox claimed.

Although it has only been a few weeks, reception to the new product has been positive, announced VMware.

Companies want to better manage their existing infrastruc­ture at minimum cost, especially­ during harsh economic times”­ Lenox said.

“­Usually this involves some sort of virtualisa­tion solution or moving towards cloud computing.­ With vSphere, we believe we can provide the best of both solutions and bridge the gap between the two.”­

VMware has been in Malaysia for a year-and-a­-half and it has many notable customers in the country, including Dutch insurance conglomera­te ING.

Ich geniese alle news und Rankings sehr sehr vorsichtig­.
Obiges ist keine Kauf-Empfe­hlung !!!  

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