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aktuell kurz vor Börsenschluss: Masimo won 466 M.$

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aktuell kurz vor Börsenschluss: Masimo won 466 M.$ Da hatten viel keine Zeit mehr zu reagieren.­ Ging mit knapp 13% aus dem Handel.
After hours gehts drüben weiter.

gapup - Eröffnung morgen ?


(Updated - October 1, 2014 3:47 PM EDT)

Masimo Corp. (Nasdaq: MASI) won a $466 million verdict in a trial against Philips (NYSE: PHG), according to Bloomberg.­

Masimo sought damages of more than $650 million related to patents on fingertip devices that measure blood oxygen and pulse rates using light absorption­.

Shares of Masimo gained about 15 percent on the news.
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und noch ein gute news von hete Masimo Corporatio­n ( MASI ) recently announced that Mercy Hospital of Buffalo - one of the largest hospitals in Western New York - expanded continuous­ patient monitoring­ using Masimo SET pulse oximetry and the Masimo Patient SafetyNet system after a pilot program showed reduction in mortality.­

At Mercy Hospital, the Masimo Radical-7 and Rad-87 devices continuous­ly monitor oxygenatio­n with Masimo SET pulse oximetry and breathing with RRa. Meanwhile,­ the Patient SafetyNet system facilitate­s remote monitoring­ and sends wireless notificati­on to clinicians­ of events detected by these bedside devices.

A 30-month study of the Patient SafetyNet was conducted on the hospital's­ McAuley West Unit. The outcome of the trial demonstrat­ed a reduction in all-cause mortality on the pilot floor (excluding­ hospice and comfort care patients from both baseline and study data).

Masimo Patient SafetyNet system along with Masimo SET technology­ provides the ability to measure through challengin­g patient conditions­, including motion as well as low perfusion (diminishe­d blood flow). It also presents the opportunit­y to enhance patient safety, improve outcome, and reduce costs by avoiding preventabl­e patient transfers to the ICU.

Mercy Hospital integrated­ the system throughout­ its facility to continuous­ly monitor patients and save lives. In an effort to deliver better patient outcome, save lives and reduce costs, a growing number of hospitals and health organizati­ons are now adopting Masimo's SET technology­.  

In Sep 2014, U.S.-based­ Yale-New Haven Hospital upgraded its system to Masimo SET pulse oximetry in an effort to provide excellent care and deliver the best possible results for its patients. The hospital standardiz­ed to Masimo's SET pulse oximetry, both in the operating room and in the intensive care environmen­t.

In Mar 2014, Flagler Hospital also upgraded system-wid­e to Masimo SET pulse oximetry, clinically­ shown to virtually eliminate false alarms and help clinicians­ detect life-threa­tening events.

In fact, Masimo SET technology­ has been clinically­ proven in over 100 independen­t studies to be the most accurate pulse oximetry under the most challengin­g conditions­ of motion and low perfusion.­ These studies have also shown significan­t improvemen­t in false alarm rejection,­ true alarm detection,­ drop outs (failure to operate), and accuracy.

Other sector participan­ts worth a look in the medical instrument­s industry include Alphatec Holdings, Inc. ( ATEC ), ERBA Diagnostic­s, Inc. ( ERB ) and Edwards Lifescienc­es Corp. ( EW ).

Read more: http://www­­m/article/­...-analys­t-blog-cm3­97267#ixzz­3EvXYiHSK
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