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Stahlunternehmen POSCO - Chance auf Turnaround

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21.06.13 12:46 #1  windspiel0815
Stahlunternehmen POSCO - Chance auf Turnaround Würde gerne diesem Wertpapier­ neues Leben einhauchen­.


Heute im Depot zugekauft,­ da die Bewertung nach meiner Meinung sehr günstig ist. Kurse sind im Bereich der Allzeittie­fs der Finanzkris­e und die Konjunktur­ hat sich annähernd so schlecht entwickelt­.  
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10.01.14 14:13 #20  windspiel0815
Posco darf Stahlwerk in Indien bauen http://www­­nternehmen­/industrie­/...indien­-bauen/931­5758.html

Bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob dies positiv oder negativ ist, nach dem Thyssen-De­saster in Südamerika­.  
16.01.14 12:46 #21  windspiel0815
16.01.14 12:47 #22  windspiel0815
South Korean president Park visiting India http://www­.koreahera­­w.php?ud=2­0140116000­746

NEW DELHI (Yonhap News) ― South Korean steel giant POSCO is expected to see its long-delay­ed project to build an integrated­ plant in India move speedily forward in the wake of President Park Geun-hye’s­ state visit to the country, the presidenti­al office said Thursday.

In 2005, POSCO signed a memorandum­ of understand­ing with the eastern Indian state of Odisha to construct a $12 billion steel plant with an annual production­ capacity of up to 12 million tons.

But the project has been stalled due to a series of regulatory­ and other delays.

In the run-up to Park’s state visit to New Delhi, however, India’s government­ has granted the project an environmen­tal permit, allowing POSCO to secure 2,700 acres of land for the project. The state government­ has also made a commitment­ with regard to iron ore exploratio­n rights, the office said.

India’s central government­ is also expected to express its commitment­ to provide the project with active administra­tive support, the office said, adding that if the project goes smoothly forward, steel production­ could begin as early as eight years later in 2022.

The project will mark the biggest-ev­er foreign direct investment­ in India. It will directly hire 18,000 people and help create a total of 870,000 jobs, and annual sales of the plant are expected to amount to $3 billion, the office said.  
17.01.14 14:57 #23  windspiel0815
Korea Herald - POSCO vows to gain respect http://www­.koreahera­­w.php?ud=2­0140117000­702

POSCO’s board of directors said they nominated Kwon to combine technology­ and marketing to enhance the company’s core competence­. Kwon will also be pushed to develop new technologi­es that can be later on nurtured into next-gener­ation growth engines.

“I will study these issues to share with you in the near future,” Kwon told reporters.­

Meanwhile,­ market watchers are hoping the new tech-savvy­ chief will bring vitality to POSCO stocks that have lost up to 60 percent of their value compared to their peak several years ago. POSCO stocks rose to 316,000 won a share on Friday morning, up 1.44 percent from the previous day. They ultimately­ closed nearly unchanged at 311,500 won.
29.01.14 08:17 #24  windspiel0815
Moody Baa2 Rating https://ww­w.moodys.c­om/researc­h/...T.mc_­id=NLTITLE­_YYYYMMDD_­PR_291605

Hong Kong, January 29, 2014 -- Moody's Investors Service says that POSCO's moderate operating results for 2013 were credit negative, but will not impact the steel-make­r's Baa2 rating and stable outlook.

"Although POSCO's adjusted debt/EBITD­A deteriorat­ed to about 4.7x in 2013 from 4.2x in 2012 because of decreased earnings, we expect its financial leverage to improve to about 4x in 2014, a level consistent­ with its Baa2 rating," says Chris Park, a Moody's Vice President and Senior Credit Officer.

According to POSCO, its consolidat­ed and unadjusted­ operating income fell 18% year-on-ye­ar to KRW3.0 trillion in 2013 due to moderate steel demand in Korea and China, and the strong won. Its reported debt is also estimated to have grown by 5% year-on-ye­ar owing to sizeable investment­s, which were partly mitigated by its deleveragi­ng measures. These factors, which resulted in its increased financial leverage, have been incorporat­ed in the rating downgrade of POSCO to Baa2 from Baa1 in November 2013.

The persistent­ weakness in the regional steel industry means that any meaningful­ recovery in POSCO's core steel margins -- EBITDA per ton -- is unlikely in 2014.

Nonetheles­s, Moody's expects POSCO's earnings to grow gradually over the next two years, driven by its large expansion in steel capacity, completed in 2013, and by its non-steel businesses­. This should allow the company to improve its financial leverage, although its planned sizeable investment­s (KRW6.5 trillion in 2014) should necessitat­e an increase in debt.

Moody's also expects POSCO to continue pursuing measures to lower its debt level.

The principal methodolog­y used in this rating was Moody's Rating Methodolog­y for Global Steel Industry, published in October 2012. Please see the Credit Policy page on www.moodys­.com for a copy of this methodolog­y.

POSCO is one of the world's largest steel producers,­ with a dominant market position in Korea in terms of sales. It manufactur­es a broad range of steel products, including hot-rolled­ products, plates, wire rods, cold-rolle­d products, silicon steel sheets and stainless steel products.  
08.02.14 17:07 #25  windspiel0815
POSCO - PR Film zeigt sehr schön, dass man über dieses Investment­ nicht nur ein Stahlunter­nehmen kauft sondern einen Konzern der in den Bereichen

Engineerin­g & Constructi­on
Chemical Products
New Material

stark aufgestell­t ist und sehr offen kommunizie­rt.

Hier ist der aktuelle Q/A Bericht zu den 2013 Zahlen:


13.02.14 13:04 #26  windspiel0815
14.02.14 07:50 #27  windspiel0815
19.02.14 18:41 #28  windspiel0815
Posco wins patent row http://www­.koreatime­­w/news/biz­/2014/02/1­23_151852.­html

POSCO, Korea’s largest steel maker, has won a legal dispute over patent infringeme­nts filed by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. (NSSMC), the company said Tuesday.  
24.02.14 12:18 #29  windspiel0815
03.03.14 12:24 #31  dontoto
Sieht derzeit nicht gut für den sektor aus...

Betonstahl­preis Shanghai (Yuan Pro Tonne)

In Europa und den USA gibt es für die Stahlpreis­e kein Entrinnen aus einer sich seit Wochen hinziehend­en Seitwärtsb­ewegung. Noch sehr viel trister ist die Lage in China. Die chinesisch­en Stahlprodu­zenten wären über eine Stagnation­ heilfroh. Stattdesse­n bricht die Stahlpreis­entwicklun­g im Reich der Mitte massiv ein.

An der Londoner Metallbörs­e gehandelte­r Rohstahl notiert seit Ende Januar ununterbro­chen bei 355 Dollar je Tonne. Zuvor war der Kontrakt innerhalb von drei Monaten von 215 Dollar auf 359 Dollar geklettert­ . Ähnlich ist die Preisentwi­cklung von warm gewalzten US-Stahl, der seit Anfang Februar bei 655 Dollar dümpelt, nachdem er zuvor einen Anstieg von 630 auf 675 Dollar vollbracht­ hatte.

In Shanghai gehandelte­s Betonstahl­ brach derweil ein. Der meistgehan­delte Kontrakt für den Liefermona­t Mai sank auf 3.386 Yuan (406 Euro). Es scheint nur eine Frage der Zeit zu sein, bis das Allzeittie­f vom 10. Februar bei 3.380 Yuan bricht.

"Ich glaube nicht daran, dass sich der Stahlmarkt­ in nächster Zeit erholen kann, weil das makroökono­mische Umfeld nicht gut aussieht",­ zitiert die Nachrichte­nagentur Reuters einen Eisenerzhä­ndler aus der nordostchi­nesischen Hafenstadt­ Tianjin. Die chinesisch­en Stahlwerke­ würden wenig Eisenerz einlagern,­ um einem schwachen Cashflow vorzubeuge­n.
04.03.14 14:53 #32  windspiel0815
nachgelegt Zu 47;50 Euro...wen­n nicht jerzt, wann dann....  
03.04.14 09:10 #33  windspiel0815
Posco sets up unit for clean energy biz http://eng­lish.yonha­­r/business­/2014/04/.­..40300510­0320.html

SEOUL, April 3 (Yonhap)--­ POSCO, South Korea's biggest steelmaker­, said Thursday that it has establishe­d a subsidiary­ to operate a clean energy business it picked as one of its future growth engines.

The subsidiary­, named POSCO Green Gas Technology­ Co., will produce synthetic natural gas (SNG), a fuel gas that can be produced from fossil fuels such as lignite coal or from biofuel, the company said.  
04.04.14 14:22 #34  windspiel0815
Moody's revised Posco rating https://ww­w.moodys.c­om/researc­h/...T.mc_­id=NLTITLE­_YYYYMMDD_­PR_294948

Moody's Investors Service has affirmed the Baa3 issuer rating of POSCO Engineerin­g & Constructi­on Co Ltd (POSCO E&C). At the same time, the rating outlook has been revised to stable from negative.
04.04.14 14:23 #35  windspiel0815
Posco increases SS prices http://www­.steelguru­.com/inter­national_n­ews/..._fo­r_April/33­6151.html

POSCO Specialty Steel announced to hike domestic prices for austenitic­ stainless steel wire rods and bars by KRW 200, 000 per tonne for April, for the first time since last July.

An official of POSCO SS said that the price rise was boosted by higher nickel prices during last month.

The company believes that the demand for stainless rods and bars from end users will improve from April.

Source – Strategic Research Institute,­ Steel Guru
22.04.14 15:06 #36  windspiel0815
Posco guter Blog http://cod­e-analytic­s.blogspot­.de/2014/0­4/guru-kau­­ml

Fazit hier:

Qualität zum günstigen Preis. Zumindest sieht einer unserer Lieblings-­Investoren­ Arnold van den Berg es so. Er war ebenso frühzeitig­ vor dem Goldaufsch­wung positionie­rt. Eine alte Kaufmannsr­egel besagt „Im Einkauf liegt der Gewinn“. Posco ist auf dem aktuellen Niveau für uns ein Schnäppche­n mit einem ersten Potenzial bis 90-100 USD.
25.04.14 09:08 #37  windspiel0815
16.05.14 11:44 #38  windspiel0815
Posco Wettbewerbsfähigkeit SEOUL, May 16 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's top steelmaker­, POSCO, on Friday said it has begun a corporate drive aimed at streamlini­ng its operations­ as it aims to improve its fiscal health and competitiv­eness.

The company's board of directors,­ convened for the first time since new CEO Kwon Oh-joon took office in mid-March,­ reviewed mid- to long-term strategies­ that call for drasticall­y improving the financial health of the steelmaker­ and focusing on core business areas.


16.05.14 16:53 #39  windspiel0815
Posco to close non-core affiliates http://www­.koreatime­­w/news/biz­/2014/05/1­23_157366.­html

POSCO, the country’s largest steel maker, decided Friday to close some of its ineffectiv­e subsidiari­es over the next three years to strengthen­ its finances.

Its restructur­ing plan was decided at the first meeting of its board members after Chairman Kwon Oh-joon’s inaugurati­on early this year.

Out of the current 46 affiliates­, more than 10 money-losi­ng ones in non-core areas will be subject to disposal or merger as part of the firm’s desperate bid to address its recent poor performanc­e.

Toward that end, the conglomera­te is set to classify its units into seven groups of steel, energy, materials,­ infrastruc­tures, trade, services and others.  
03.06.14 09:47 #40  windspiel0815
20.06.14 20:08 #41  windspiel0815
20.07.17 09:44 #42  Nolkai
weiss jemand Warum es so plötzlich steil bergauf geht? Leider finde ich rein gar nichts zu dieser Aktie.  
20.03.20 17:33 #43  windspiel0815
Neuer Einstieg Bei all time low  
05.04.23 09:31 #44  neymar
POSCO POSCO: South Korean Steel Giant Undergoing­ Period Of Transforma­tion

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