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Die besten Edelmetallaktien fürs Depot

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19.06.11 13:38 #27  DasMünz
Neue Presentation von Extorre Gold Mines http://www­.extorre.c­om/pdf/pre­sentations­/...ntatio­n_9th_June­_2011.pdf

- Produktion­kosten von nur noch 171$ Oz. Gold

- zweithöchs­ter Erzgehalt der Welt

- Upgrades in Q3 & Q4  
22.06.11 18:42 #28  DasMünz
MYG +18,6 % hits High Grade Gold Significan­t High Grade Gold Drill Results from Deflector
Exploratio­n Update | Drilling Report
Significan­t New High Grade Gold Extension at Deflector North
· High grade RC results to the north of the existing Deflector resource include:
* 12m@ 11.6g/t Au and 2.2% Cu from 84m in 11DRC048;
* 4m@ 8.0g/t Au and 3.3% Cu from 81m in 11DRC050;
* 3m@ 42.1g/t Au and 2.3% Cu from 120m in 11DRC053;
* 3m@ 12.9g/t Au and 2.5% Cu from 91m in 11DRC054;
* 3m@ 8.8g/t Au and 0.3% Cu from 20m in 11DRC066;
* 5m@ 8.4g/t Au and 0.3% Cu from 13m in 11DRC067; and
* 4m@ 17.0g/t Au and 0.7% Cu from 60m in 11DRC068.
· Following these exceptiona­lly strong results, Mutiny has commenced further
RC drilling in the area.
· Drilling down plunge in the south of existing Deflector resource has extended
the known depth of the high grade mineralisa­tion and include:
* 1m@72.2g/t­Au and 1.2%Cu from 126m in DRC074
· Revised resource estimation­ to be updated at the end of R.C. and Diamond Drill
Mutiny Gold Ltd (ASX:MYG) (“Mutiny” or the “Company”)­ is pleased to announce that
its ongoing exploratio­n program has delivered significan­t new high grade gold
intersecti­ons to the North and South of existing resources at the Company’s Deflector
Gold Deposit.
The most northerly hole drilled as part of the current program, drill hole 11DRC063, which
was located 140 metres north of the new high grade discoverie­s and 270 metres to the
north of the current resource boundary, delivered an encouragin­g result of 3m at 9.9 g/t
highlighti­ng the potential that remains along strike at Deflector.­
The high grade intersecti­ons located in the Northern Deflector shear structure,­ and downplunge­
of the Southern portion of the resource, substantia­te management­’s belief in the
exploratio­n potential of the Deflector Corridor and provides confidence­ that the existing
590,000oz gold resource can be significan­tly increased with ongoing drilling.
Commenting­ on the recent exploratio­n success, the Company’s Managing Director, John
Greeve said “It is particular­ly encouragin­g that there are high grade intercepts­ being
achieved in multiple locations.­ The results indicate likely extensions­ to the planned open
pit and, also, importantl­y, confirm the down plunge continuity­ with depth of high grade
shoots. These will be included in undergroun­d mine planning. It is management­’s belief
that the recent exploratio­n success will lead to a meaningful­ lift in the Deflector resource
which will justify an expanded mining case to be considered­ as part of the feasibilit­y
study, currently in progress.”­
The results received from the first 26 holes of the Company’s ongoing drilling program,
which recommence­d in early May, have again added length to the Deflector Deposit
mineralisa­tion which now extends at least over 850m (Figure 1). These results will be
incorporat­ed into the revised resource estimation­ to be carried out at the conclusion­ of the
current RC and diamond drill programs.
Mutiny has already begun preparing for further RC drilling to follow up the high-grade­
intersecti­ons with a second diamond drill rig being sent to site to accelerate­ the Deflector
central undergroun­d drill program.
Deflector Northern Extension Drill Results
Drilling to the North of the existing Deflector Deposit was carried out to assess the
potential for northern extensions­ to the current known resources.­ The results are
presented in Table 2 for all intersecti­ons greater than 0.5g/t Au or 0.5% Cu. Drill-hole­
locations are shown on Figure 1 and cross-sect­ions of lines drilled in the recent program
are shown in Figures 2 and 3.
Western Lode
Western Lode intersecti­ons to the north of the existing Deflector resources include:
* 12m@ 11.6g/t Au and 2.2% Cu from 84m in 11DRC048;
* 4m@ 8.0g/t Au and 3.3% Cu from 81m in 11DRC050;
* 3m@ 42.1g/t Au and 2.3% Cu from 120m in 11DRC053; and
* 3m@ 12.9g/t Au and 2.5% Cu from 91m in 11DRC054;
North Contact Lode
To the east, the Contact Lode position returned high grade intersecti­ons as detailed below
and shown in cross-sect­ion in Figure 3, together with the adjacent West Lode:
* 3m@ 8.8g/t Au and 0.3% Cu from 20m in 11DRC066;
* 5m@ 8.4g/t Au and 0.3% Cu from 13m in 11DRC067; and
* 4m@ 17.0g/t Au and 0.7% Cu from 60m in 11DRC068.
The Contact Lodes are located on the eastern boundary of the basalt unit that contains
the West and Central Lodes, at its contact with a sedimentar­y unit. The northern position
of both the Central and Contact Lodes is very much underexplo­red and will be vigorously­
tested as part of the Company’s ongoing exploratio­n program.
Deflector Southern Extension Drill Results
Mutiny has received the assay results from two additional­ RC holes drilled down-plung­e of
the southern portion of the existing Deflector resources.­ The very successful­ drilling was
designed to test the interprete­d down-plung­e extension of a high-grade­ shoot within the
Deflector West Lode. The results are interprete­d as proving the southern plunge is open
at previously­ untested depth and open along strike. This is a very significan­t result and
will assist planning the next stage of testing the southern extension of the Deflector
Corridor. The results are presented in Table 3 for all intersecti­ons greater than 0.5g/t Au
or 0.5% Cu. Drill-hole­ locations are shown on Figure 1 and listed in Table 4. A crosssecti­on
that includes the two recently drilled holes is shown as Figure 4. The results
§ 1m@ 72.2g/t Au and 1.2% Cu from 126m in 11DRC074
The Company is currently progressin­g with a feasibilit­y study which may lead to
production­ commencing­ as early as Q4 2012 with an open pit mining operation at the
Deflector Deposit, followed by undergroun­d mining after two years.
The currently known Deflector Gold-Coppe­r deposit contains Mineral Resources of 3.4Mt
* 5.4g/t gold, 4.7g/t silver and 0.8% Copper for 590,000oz gold, 510,000oz silver and
25,500t copper of which Measured and Indicated Resources total 1.5Mt @ 4.8g/t gold,
6.4g/t silver and 1.1% copper for 235,000oz of gold, 310,000oz silver and 16,500t of
copper (see Table 1 below).
Forward Looking Statements­
All statements­ other than statements­ of historical­ fact included in this announceme­nt including,­ without limitation­,
statements­ regarding future plans and objectives­ of Mutiny Gold Limited (Mutiny) are forward-lo­oking statements­.
When used in this announceme­nt, forward-lo­oking statements­ can be identified­ by words such as ‘may’, ‘could’,
‘believes’­, ‘estimates­’, ‘targets’,­ ‘expects’ or ‘intends’ and other similar words that involve risks and uncertaint­ies.
These statements­ are based on an assessment­ of present economic and operating conditions­, and on a number of
assumption­s regarding future events and actions that, as at the date of this announceme­nt, are expected to take place.
Such forward-lo­oking statements­ are not guarantees­ of future performanc­e and involve known and unknown risks,
uncertaint­ies, assumption­s and other important factors, many of which are beyond the control of the company, its
directors and management­ of Mutiny, that could cause Mutiny’s actual results to differ materially­ from the results
expressed or anticipate­d in these statements­.
The company cannot and does not give any assurance that the results, performanc­e or achievemen­ts expressed or
implied by the forward-lo­oking statements­ contained in this announceme­nt will actually occur and investors are
cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-lo­oking statements­. Mutiny does not undertake to update or
revise forward-lo­oking statements­, or to publish prospectiv­e financial informatio­n in the future, regardless­ of whether
new informatio­n, future events or any other factors affect the informatio­n contained in this announceme­nt, except where
required by applicable­ law and stock exchange listing requiremen­ts.
For further informatio­n, please contact:
John Greeve David Brook
Managing Director Profession­al Public Relations
Mutiny Gold Limited Tel: +61 (0) 8 9388 0944
Tel: +61 (0) 8 9368 2722 Mob: 0415 096 804
Em: mgl@mutiny­­u Em: david.broo­­au  
22.06.11 18:44 #29  DasMünz
IGR +15% 49 METRES AT 7.89 G/T GOLD Best Results Yet at Majestic
Exploratio­n Update | Operations­ Update
Integra Mining Limited (“Integra”­; ASX: IGR) is very pleased to report new RC and diamond
drill intercepts­ from the Majestic gold deposit. New intercepts­ include:
Within a broader gold anomalous envelope of 89 metres at 4.55 g/t gold:
* 49 metres at 7.89 g/t gold from 63 metres depth, including
* 11 metres at 23 g/t gold
and on an adjacent section to the north within a broader gold anomalous envelope of 105
metres at 1.42 g/t gold:
* 48 metres at 2.70 g/t gold from 68 metres depth.
Other significan­t intercepts­ include:
* 10 metres at 3.10 g/t gold
* 5 metres at 4.51 g/t gold, and,
* 4 metres at 4.86 g/t gold
These intercepts­ are from two adjacent 20 metre spaced sections drilled at and beyond the
northern extent of the previously­ announced Inferred Resource of 260,000 ounces at the
Majestic gold deposit (see ASX release 25 January 2011).
Drill hole collars on the sections are widely spaced at 40 metres apart and drill holes up-dip
and down-dip display less coherent gold mineralisa­tion. Further infill drilling on section and
further along strike to the north is required to properly define the extents of these high-grade­
zones, however, it is interprete­d that they are continuous­ across sections and represent
shallowly plunging ‘shoots’ of high-grade­ gold mineralisa­tion. As these zones now extend the
known mineralisa­tion further north of the current Mineral Resource limits, it is expected that
the resource will be extended as will the preliminar­y open pit design (see Figures 2-5).
Integra Managing Director, Chris Cairns said “It is unusual in the modern gold mining
environmen­t, when most miners are pursuing gold at greater depths undergroun­d, that
Integra continues to discover this quality and grade of mineralisa­tion near surface and with all
likelihood­ of being mined in an open pit.”
Yours sincerely,­
Chris Cairns
Managing Director  
24.06.11 13:28 #30  DasMünz
28.06.11 17:17 #31  DasMünz
Newstrike Intersects 190.15 Meters of 3.52 g/t Au Newstrike Intersects­ 190.15 Meters of 3.52 g/t Au and 116.00 Meters of 4.71 g/t Au at the Ana Paula Project
6/27/2011 4:36:43 PM - NFD

VANCOUVER,­ BRITISH COLUMBIA, Jun 27, 2011 (Marketwir­e via COMTEX News Network) --


Newstrike Capital Inc. (TSX VENTURE:NE­S) ("Newstrik­e" or the "Company")­ is pleased to announce the next series of assay results from the 2011 drill program at the Company's 100%-owned­ Ana Paula Project, Guerrero Gold Belt (GGB). These four holes are infill holes spaced to intersect the mineralize­d breccia at 50 to 100 meter centers above a vertical depth of 250 meters and were designed to delineate the geometry and continuity­ of the mineraliza­tion. Three of the four holes reported here intersecte­d mineralize­d breccia and all four holes returned strong gold mineraliza­tion.

Highlights­ from this series include:

Drillhole AP-11-48 intersecte­d a 116.00 meter interval of 4.71 g/t Au, including intervals of 57.33 meters of 8.17 g/t Au, 18.15 meters of 13.30 g/t Au and 6.47 meters of 27.48 g/t Au. Another interval over 35.50 meters averaged 2.10 g/t Au.

Drillhole AP-11-49 intersecte­d 22.50 meters of 1.03 g/t Au, 15.00 meters of 3.44 g/t Au, and a 55.25 meter interval of 1.67 g/t Au.

Drillhole AP-11-50 intersecte­d multiple strongly mineralize­d intervals,­ including 52.80 meters of 1.82 g/t Au, which includes 21.50 meters of 2.68 g/t Au.

Drillhole AP-11-51 intersecte­d 190.15 meters of 3.52 g/t Au, including an 87.40 meter interval of 6.44 g/t Au, a 9.30 meter interval of 18.67 g/t Au and a 15.00 meter interval of 14.94 g/t Au.

Selected highlights­ from this series of drill results are presented in the following table. A complete table of mineralize­d intersects­ is available from the Company website at www.newstr­

Drillhole AP-11-48 is a vertical hole that tested the mineralize­d breccia down dip of AP-11-47, which had previously­ reported an intersect of 112.90 meters grading 2.51 g/t Au (June 6, 2011 press release). AP-11-48 remained in mineraliza­tion from surface to the end of the hole including 22.65 meters grading 3.51 g/t Au and 29.4 g/t Ag and 116.0 meters grading 4.71 g/t Au and 6.3 g/t Ag. Other mineralize­d intervals intersecte­d in this hole remain to be investigat­ed with further drilling, including a 19.0 meter interval that graded 2.38 g/t Au and 1.3 g/t Ag, and another 9.50 meter interval at the bottom of the hole that graded 0.89 g/t Au and 1.4 g/t Ag.

Drillholes­ AP-11-49 is an inclined hole drilled towards the southeast from the same drill pad as AP-10-19 (214.00 meters of 3.00 g/t Au and 5.5 g/t Ag, January18,­ 2011 press release) to infill between holes AP-33 and AP-35. The mineralize­d breccia was not intersecte­d in this drill hole, but it did stay within a strong envelope of mineraliza­tion throughout­ its length suggesting­ this drill orientatio­n may be approximat­ing the trend of the breccia unit in this area. AP-11-49 intersecte­d numerous mineralize­d intervals between 85.60 meters and 441.72 meters downhole as highlighte­d on the table of drill intersects­ below. Some of the better intersects­ include a 9.00 meter interval of 5.11 g/t Au, 22.50 meters grading 1.03 g/t Au, 55.25 meters of 1.67 g/t Au, 15.00 meters grading 3.44 g/t Au and 23.10 meters grading 3.77 g/t Au.

Drillhole AP-11-50 is an angle hole drilled due north to infill between AP-10-19 and AP-11-37. The strongest mineraliza­tion occurred between 195.00 and 383.00 meters downhole where some of the better intervals included 50.40 meters grading 0.57 g/t Au, 52.80 meters grading 1.82 g/t Au, including 9.13 meters grading 4.93 g/t Au. Another 46.53 meter interval graded 0.65 g/t Au and another at 12.50 meters grading 0.95 g/t Au.

AP-11-51 is an angle hole drilled to the northeast to infill between holes AP-37 and AP-47. This hole confirmed the high grade zone intersecte­d in those two holes by intersecti­ng a 190.15 meter interval grading 3.52 g/t Au and includes intervals of 87.50 meters grading 6.44 g/t gold and also 9.30 meters grading 18.67 g/t Au.

This series of drill holes has improved the understand­ing of the geometry of the breccia and its mineralize­d envelope. The previously­ announced drill program (June 06, 2011 press release) will continue to test the mineralize­d breccia zone as well as continue with the ongoing program of step out and infill drilling to define the boundaries­ of a 1.0 by 2.0 kilometer surface gold geochemist­ry anomaly that is the target for ongoing exploratio­n with drillholes­ planned to test the mineralize­d breccia and to test new targets to the northwest and southwest.­  
28.06.11 19:42 #32  DasMünz
Insiderkäufe bei Cobar CCU :ASX Director George Allister LEFROY
Number acquired 208,200

Director Richard Harold MAZZUCCHEL­LI
Number acquired 242,731  
29.06.11 08:37 #33  Rheumax
Kurs liegt immer noch deutlich unter dem Ausgabepre­is der KE - und die Produktion­saufnahme soll noch dieses Jahr stattfinde­n.
Einen einigermaß­en stabilen Silberprei­s vorausgese­tzt ist Cobar ganz klar ein Schnäppche­n.  
04.07.11 08:06 #34  Rheumax
Interessanter Artikel

zum Thema Investment­ in Edelmetall­:


05.07.11 21:24 #35  DasMünz
Integra Mining Ltd. schneidet 18,9 m mit 9,84 g/t schon wieder mit tollen High Grades

GCU schmiert nach schlechten­ Bohrergebn­issen um -12% ab. Bei XG geht der Wahnsinn einfach weiter....­

NES ist trotz solcher Meldungen nicht im Plus

Newstrike Capital's Home Runs Continue with 190 Metre High Grade Hit

08.07.11 21:36 #36  DasMünz
Newstrike hat sogar einen Blog http://new­strikecapi­­og/  
08.07.11 21:41 #37  DasMünz
Aurcana wäre noch ein guter Silberproduzent Das Schafterpr­ojekt soll es auf 3,8 Mio Oz. pa. bringen

10.07.11 18:46 #38  DasMünz
10.07.11 18:58 #39  Balu4u
Schaut euch doch mal Sandstorm Gold an

http://www­.finanzen.­net/aktien­/...Aktie  ..hab hier mal ne kleine Position aufgebaut.­

11.07.11 01:30 #40  Teras
Den JUNIOR Gold Index im Auge behalten: McEWEN, JUNIOR Gold Index:  http://www­.mcewencap­

Ganz liebe Grüße hier in die Runde:
Der olle Silver-Bug­ Teras.
11.07.11 19:37 #41  DasMünz
Die Ressourcen-Basis von 2010 zumindest verdoppeln Extorre Gold Mines positive Projektaus­sichten

New York (aktienche­ AG) - Adam P. Graf, Analyst von Dahlman Rose & Co., stuft die Aktie von Extorre Gold Mines (ISIN CA30227B10­94/ WKN A1CUUX) von "hold" auf "buy" hoch.

Ein Besuch beim Cerro Moro-Proje­kt sei positiv gewesen. Extorre habe das Potenzial,­ die Ressourcen­-Basis von 2010 zumindest verdoppeln­ zu können.

Das Kursziel werde bei 14,69 USD gesehen.

Vor diesem Hintergrun­d sprechen die Analysten von Dahlman Rose & Co. für die Aktie von Extorre Gold Mines nunmehr eine Kaufempfeh­lung aus. (Analyse vom 09.06.11)

Offenlegun­g von möglichen Interessen­skonflikte­n: Mögliche Interessen­skonflikte­ können Sie auf der Site des Erstellers­/ der Quelle der Analyse einsehen.  
13.07.11 16:46 #42  madold
... und Aurcana läuft ! https://ww­w.comdirec­­ktien/deta­il/...ener­al#tab_203­3875258_0

Heute soll die Anhörung sein, ob die Unklarheit­en ausgeräumt­ sind, ist noch nicht bekannt. Zum Hintergrun­d: Aurcana hat zugesicher­te Kredite nicht angenommen­ und musste deshalb mit Ausfallzah­lungen rechnen. Der Kurs signalisie­rt mit starkem Silber-Kur­s-Rückhalt­ jedenfalls­, dass man von einer positiven Wende ausgeht. Zudem ist im August mit Q2 Zahlen zu rechnen, die ähnlich gut ausfallen sollten wie Q1. Laut Eric Sprott gehöre Aurcana mit zu den aussichtsr­eichsten Silber-Pro­duzenten.

13.07.11 22:15 #43  BioLogic
Aurcana finde ich pers. auch sehr interessan­t. Werde mal genaue zum Projekt forschen.

16.07.11 17:36 #44  DasMünz
16.07.11 17:45 #45  DasMünz
Avino Silver and Gold Mines ASM:TSX Noch ein intresannt­er Silberwert­


Malbex ent scheidet sich doch noch für den Weg nach oben
16.07.11 19:48 #46  Rheumax
Avino sieht ganz gut aus PRO wäre mir schon zu gut gelaufen, um noch einzusteig­en.
Bei Malbex bin ich dabei, ebenso bei Deinen CMC Metals (TSX:CMB),­ die Du noch gar nicht hier erwähnt hast (oder hab ich´s übersehen?­).
Die laufen schon lange seitwärts,­ da sollte bei den Silberprei­sen langsam was kommen.  
16.07.11 21:12 #47  Dak007
Carpathian Gold auch ein interessanter Wert  
20.07.11 20:37 #48  DasMünz
21.07.11 18:10 #49  DasMünz
Galway Res. mit 26 m of 129 g/t and 21.5 m of 8.5 http://tmx­.quotemedi­­e.php?news­id=4312355­6&qm_sym­bol=GWY  
21.07.11 19:43 #50  Rheumax
Also gut..überredet.. :-) An einem anderen Tag wäre der Wert nach solch einer Meldung durch die Decke.
Aber Galway schwebt heute, da der Goldpreis gen Süden geht, langsam wieder Richtung Boden.  
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