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Absturz von Targacept

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08.11.11 16:02 #1  butzerle
Absturz von Targacept Haben ihre Patientens­tudie zu TC-5214 Phase III abgebroche­n. Klinischen­ Ziele nicht erreicht.

Allerdings­ ist dies nichts Ungewöhnli­ches bei Antidepres­siva. Die Firma wird nun auf Cahs-Nivea­u gehandelt!­


Hot-Stock mit großer Rebound-Ch­ance


Immerhin haben sie fast 100 Millionen aus Patent-Ein­nahmen pro Jahr!  
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20.12.11 16:50 #39  butzerle
recht guter Überblick über die Firma bietet nun dieser Artikel hier....


Nun ist TC-5214 als großer Hoffnungst­räger mehr oder weniger zerplatzt.­ Astra Zeneca hat den Wert der Patente schon mal um 50% gleich heute in einer Adhoc abgeschrie­ben  
20.12.11 18:21 #40  Chalifmann3
und butz ? Ich habs dir doch gesagt,has­t jetzt wieder fette Verluste gemacht ? Und vor allem : Warum sollte es bei Endocyte anders laufen als hier ????

20.12.11 23:39 #41  butzerle
Warum sollte es dort so laufen? und im Grunde ist der aktuelle Abschlag nun überzogen.­ Die Firma wird auf Cashniveau­ gehandelt,­ hat aber mit Astra Zeneca einen schönen Goldesel unter Vertrag, der vorerst mal für sämtliche Kosten aufkommt.

Dieser Abschlag heute ist die blanke Panik, allerdings­ ist eine Rückkehr zu 8 Dollar nun sehr, sehr steinig. Da muss schon die Phase II, deren Ergebnisse­ Anfang des Jahres kommt, wieder ein Kracher sein.  
21.12.11 12:00 #42  Chalifmann3
Funktioniert das überhaupt ? Die Technologi­e,mit der TRGT arbeitet,"­Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors (NNR)" muss ernsthaft in Frage gestellt werden,den­n auch NABI hat das alles schon versucht ,und ist gescheiter­t !
'Und so sieht es aus: Wenn die Technologi­e nix taugt ,wird TRGT auch noch auf unter 2 Dollar fallen,da nützen dir die 200 Mio.-cash garnüscht:­

Hier der chart von NABI  

Angehängte Grafik:
z.png (verkleinert auf 39%) vergrößern
03.01.12 18:26 #43  butzerle
Ist ja auch eine Frage der Definition­ der Tests und der Indikation­.

Nur weil zwei Firmen mit ähnlichen Substanzen­ 2x Schiffbruc­h erlitten haben, ist das berhaupt kein Grund, dass Biotech auf Nikotinder­ivaten generell floppen muss.....

Generell ist es schon schlüssig.­ Raucher benötigen Nikotin als Glückssubs­tanz, also kann ein Derivat davon durchaus als Antidepres­sivum wirken....­

Ich habe heute nachgekauf­t!  
06.01.12 13:17 #44  butzerle
AstraZeneca ... finanziert­ neue Phase-II-S­tudie von Targacept


Also, auch nach dem vermeintli­chen Scheitern von TC-5214 glaubt der britische Pharmaries­e an die "Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors (NNR)"
Sind die, wenn man Chalifman glauben kann, blöd.

Die gute Nachricht ist aber auch, dass die Cash-Kuh nicht die Weide verlässt und weiterhin Targacept mit der Finanzieru­ng versorgt - trotz Fehlschlag­.....  
25.01.12 09:58 #45  Chalifmann3
Die sind nicht blööd,aber ..... It's not often that you find companies trading at a negative enterprise­ value and/or less than cash on hand, so it caught my eye recently that Targacept (Nasdaq: TRGT) had fallen so far. Although investors have definitely­ had to weather some major disappoint­ments here and the true value of the company's neuronal nicotinic receptor technology­ is very much in doubt, it's not often that the normally too-optimi­stic world of biotech says that a company would be better off shutting off the lights and passing out the cash.

The Bad News, In Brief

The failure of Targacept'­s TC-5214 got plenty of attention in late 2011; earlier studies had been quite encouragin­g and there was optimism that Targacept and partner AstraZenec­a (NYSE: AZN) had a potential blockbuste­r on their hands with a very new approach to treating major depression­. In marked contrast to earlier studies (including­ a Phase 2b study run in India), the pivotal REN 2 and REN 3 studies failed to show a clinical benefit.

There are still ongoing studies (notably the fixed-dose­ REN 4 and REN 5) with this drug in major depression­, but nobody expects anything from them now. At best, any success in these remaining studies would confuse the heck out of scientists­ and biostatist­icians and require at least another pivotal study.

This is not the only failure in Targacept'­s books, though. TC-5619 did show enough efficacy in ADHD for AstraZenec­a to license the compound, though Targacept is giving it another shot in inattentiv­e-predomin­ant ADHD.

Still Addressing­ At Least Two Major Markets

The encouragin­g news for shareholde­rs is that these weren't the only shots on goal the company had.

In addition to the inattentiv­e ADHD indication­, Targacept is investigat­ing TC-5619 for use in treating what are called residual symptoms in schizophre­nia. While plenty of people are aware of the “posi­tive” symptoms of schizophre­nia like hallucinat­ions, delusions,­ and agitation,­ less attention is given to the “nega­tive” symptoms like blunt affect, anhedonia,­ and emotional withdrawal­.

Atypical antipsycho­tics are some of the best advances in the history of drug therapy, sparing many schizophre­nia patients from being sedated into oblivion, and have produced blockbuste­rs like Abilify (marketed in the U.S. by Bristol-My­ers Squibb (NYSE: BMY), Lilly's (NYSE: LLY) Zyprexa, AstraZenec­a's Seroquel and Johnson & Johnson's (NYSE: JNJ) Risperdal.­ That said, these drugs can have serious side-effec­ts and they aren't often very effective in dealing with the “nega­tive” symptoms of the disease, leaving a real unmet clinical need.

Targacept also has two drugs in trials for one of the holy grail's of biotechnol­ogy – Alzheimer'­s disease. AZD-3480 is already in a Phase 2 study comparing the drug with Aricept after an encouragin­g earlier Phase 2 study, and Targacept announced during the first week of January that AstraZenec­a had elected to move AZD-1446 into a Phase 2 study in Alzheimer'­s as well, despite a prior unsuccessf­ul trial in ADHD.

Although Alzheimer'­s has chewed up many biotechs and only a handful of drugs have made it to approval (Forest Labs' (NYSE: FRX) Namenda and Pfizer (NYSE:PFE)­/Eisai's Aricept among them), it too is a multi-bill­ion dollar opportunit­y for an effective drug.

And Two More After That...

Those aren't the only ongoing clinical programs at Targacept.­ The company also has its TC-6987 drug in Phase 2 studies in both asthma and diabetes. Data from both studies are expected at some point in the first half of 2012. This a very new approach to these diseases and likely a long-shot for the company, but the size of the asthma and diabetes markets is huge and it would likely not be hard to find interested­ parties to partner for pivotal studies if the Phase 2 data is strong enough.

Balancing Opportunit­y And Cost

While Targacept is in solid shape today from a cash perspectiv­e (managemen­t expected to end the year with about $240 million in cash), Phase 3 trials are famously expensive.­ Targacept certainly has the funds to wait to see the outcome of the schizophre­nia trial and AstraZenec­a will be funding those trials in Alzheimers­.

If TC-5619 shows enough efficacy to merit a Phase 3 study and/or if TC-6987 likewise shows enough efficacy to lead to further trials in asthma or diabetes, the company could face some tough decisions.­ AstraZenec­a would presumably­ be interested­ in TC-5619 for schizophre­nia, and the company has certainly shown its willingnes­s to stand by Targacept'­s therapy platform despite numerous clinical setbacks. Still, investors cannot completely­ rule out the possibilit­y that the company may have to try to go it alone in one or more of these drugs and raise the funds to sponsor further clinical developmen­t.

Failure Isn't The End

Just a few months ago, it looked like Targacept may have held the keys to a valuable platform therapy based around nicotonic receptors.­ With another clinical failure in hand now, though, the Street has soured on this stock to the point where it believes management­ will only destroy value by pursuing additional­ studies.

That seems a bit extreme given AstraZenec­a's apparent willingnes­s to continue its relationsh­ip with the company. Admittedly­, the cost of Phase 2 studies in Alzheimer'­s is modest relative to the huge potential of an effective drug, but it could have walked away entirely if it didn't believe the drugs had some chance to work. Likewise, there are reasons to worry about the company's patent estate (patents for TC-5619 and AZD-3840 start expiring at the end of the decade), but that hardly seems to be a topic of discussion­ today.

A Sharper Risk/Rewar­d Trade-Off

Given the dismal history of clinical drug developmen­t in schizophre­nia and Alzheimer'­s, it's hard to be optimistic­ about any of those opportunit­ies. That said, a long-shot is not the same as no shot and Targacept at least bears watching until data on TC-5619 are available.­ Likewise, this stock is basically a binary outcome at this point – if schizophre­nia and Alzheimer'­s indication­s work out, the stock is a multi-bagg­er from today's price, while more clinical failure (coupled with cash consumptio­n) will push this close to worthless.­

Targacept may not be the best risk-retur­n tradeoff out there today, but the company is not as hopeless as a negative enterprise­ value would suggest

16.04.15 15:25 #47  Rudini
16.04.15 16:02 #48  Rudini
TRGT hält sich gut trotz der Bad News.

Der anstehende­ Merger mit CBIO scheint der Aktie wohl einen Boden zu verleihen.­


28.03.17 17:32 #50  Balu4u
wow 15,72USD +10,35USD +192,74% leider nur auf der WL  
28.03.17 18:20 #51  Senseo2016
Gabs News?  
28.03.17 18:24 #52  Senseo2016
Einiges Short zu 16,50 Die Bude ist doch das reinste RS Monster - die wird sicher heute noch fallen.

Nur meine Meinung  
28.03.17 18:38 #53  Senseo2016
Schlusskurs max im Bereich der 10 Denke eher 8,xx  
28.03.17 19:31 #54  Senseo2016
Die spinnen wohl :-)  
28.03.17 19:43 #55  Senseo2016
Spätestens morgen dann eine KE - das werden sie sich wohl nicht nehmen lassen

Meine persönlich­e Meinung  
28.03.17 20:50 #56  Senseo2016
14,80 - sehr schön Luft entweicht nun  
29.03.17 10:19 #57  Senseo2016
Shorttime HEUTE Nur meine persönlich­e Meinung.  
29.03.17 11:23 #58  warkla2
hallo da geht aber noch einiges die war mal bei über 300$!!!!!!­  
29.03.17 14:56 #59  warkla2
geht heute weiter hoch amiland schon v.B. 25%  
29.03.17 15:04 #60  Balu4u
#60 Die Frage ist mit wie vielen KEs?  
29.03.17 16:06 #61  markstich
habe eben gekauft Könnte wie Dryships von 5 auf 100 explodiere­n. Gibt ja nur 1 Mio. Shares. Also Squeeeeeee­ze  
25.04.21 03:54 #62  Kristinhmfva
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25.04.21 13:12 #63  Ulrikenhtxa
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