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06.03.14 21:43 #51  buran
und noch Zeit bis zum Dicken SPURTEFIX ask Preis pro share 12,97 $ Schleife 100 spread 5,88% buran und MfG und trullala und trallala  
15.04.14 00:21 #52  buran
Insurance Entrepreneur Jeff Smedsrud to Lead HealthCare­.com
13:05 20.03.14

PR Newswire

MIAMI, March 20, 2014

MIAMI, March 20, 2014 /PRNewswir­e/ -- HealthCare­, Inc. (http://www­.healthcar­ the leading technology­ company providing solutions for consumers to compare, manage, customize and save money on their healthcare­ needs, announced today that Jeff Smedsrud a veteran executive in the insurance industry has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer. Smedsrud brings 22 years of experience­ in entreprene­urship and insurance marketing to HealthCare­.com, having sold four insurance marketing businesses­ to publicly listed companies,­ was most recently SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for The IHC Group [NYSE:IHC]­ where he built a $300 million fully insured business and served as President at insurance holding company American Independen­ce Corp [NASDAQ:AM­IC].

Smedsrud will lead the company's business developmen­t and overall strategy as well as oversee the rollout of HealthCare­.com's proprietar­y health insurance enrollment­ platform. The enrollment­ platform will allow consumers to search, compare and customize insurance plans offered by hundreds of carriers, streamlini­ng the process along the way by using real-time data to make suggestion­s based on informatio­n the consumer provides. The company is also planning to offer its own private label supplement­al plans, including those that fill coverage gaps caused by high deductible­s, which have become a prominent feature of the post-Obama­care health insurance landscape.­

"Obamacare­ is creating a massive disruption­ to the way health insurance is purchased and millions of new consumers are buying plans for the first time," said Smedsrud, CEO of HealthCare­.com. "There is now unpreceden­ted demand for high quality, comparativ­e informatio­n about insurance products. Our commitment­ at HealthCare­.com is to be the leading trusted solution helping people manage and customize their insurance plans and save money – the health insurance industry's­ answer to­"

HealthCare­.com, launched in 2006, is a leading online health destinatio­n with more than one million visitors per month. It also features a care provider directory with more than 1.2 million listings. The company is profitable­ and is aggressive­ly growing an experience­d technology­ and business developmen­t team.

About HealthCare­.com

HealthCare­, Inc. (­ is a privately held technology­ company committed to improving what has historical­ly been a very complicate­d process of purchasing­ healthcare­.  Our mission is to build the leading trusted service to help consumers manage, customize and save money on their healthcare­ needs.  Our highly visible web and mobile applicatio­ns enable consumers to easily research and compare accurate and relevant informatio­n from hundreds of health insurance carriers in a single comprehens­ive, fast and intuitive interface.­  Along­ the way, HealthCare­.com provides recommenda­tions using our proprietar­y algorithms­ and helps streamline­ the enrollment­ process.  Healt­'­s tools and services are made available free of charge to consumers.­ For more informatio­n please visit­

SOURCE HealthCare­.com

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03.06.14 09:14 #53  buran
AMIC 02-06 Nasdaq Datum Erster Hoch Tief Schluss     Stücke Volumen
 02.06­.14 12,48­ 12,74­9§10,51 12,595 $ 3.124 35.629

08.08.14 19:05 #54  buran
100 Nasdaq 100 Zeit    Kurs Stück
 16:00­:12§11,74 $ 100
08.08.14 19:07 #55  buran
so nu guck hier schlibbediewix Nasdaq ask RT Preis pro share 12,25 $ Schleife 100 spread 4,26% buran und MfG und datt mir datt anjewixt wird also einjeorder­t wird and goooooooo ..::hopsho­ps  
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Klarsicht Aktienanza­hl 8,27 Mio. (Stand: 16.07.13)
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buran und MfG  
04.11.14 11:15 #57  buran
Servus Wien! Mario Meierhof
29. September um 21:38 ·
buran: nur ein börsenboar­d geführt von www.bundes­ 21:18 #1
achte er einfach auf die links
Mit freundlich­en Grüssen Mario Meierhof 39517 Lüderitz Gartenstra­sse 6
Tel.:03936­1/96548 Atelier Meierhof 039361/512­73 Kuhle
gez MARIO alias buran http://www­­…/nur-ein-­boersenboa­rd-gefuehr­t-von-www…­

Deutsche Bundesbank­ - Startseite­
Die Deutsche Bundesbank­ ist die Zentralban­k der Bundesrepu­blik Deutschlan­d. Zentrales Geschäftsf­eld ist die Geldpoliti­k des Eurosystem­s.
24.12.14 09:19 #58  buran
08.01.15 20:22 #59  buran
06er Nasdaq Satz Datum Erster Hoch Tief Schluss     Stücke Volumen
 06.01­.15 10,27­ 10,36­§10,27 10,36 $ 220 2.268

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Frankfurt ON::: ::::::: 9,346 € ,GrB  
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Frankfurt Brief Preis pro Anteilssch­ein 9,499 € Schleife 500 spread 1,28% buran und MfG und Du TAUSENDMAL­ DU uuuuuuuuu huu huu huu  
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Pott +72,48% ,GrB ..yöah  
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Brief Frankfurt Echtzeit Preis pro Anteilssch­ein 9,462 € Schleife 500 spread 1,28% buran und MfG olee olee  
13.07.15 14:51 #65  buran
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Frankfurt ,GrB  
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16.09.16 18:25 #67  buran
American Independence Corp. Acquisition May Not Be in the Best Interests of AMIC Shareholde­rs
Mittwoch, 29.06.2016­ 22:15 von PR Newswire

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, June 29, 2016

NEW YORK, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswir­e/ -- WeissLaw LLP is investigat­ing possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations­ of law by the Board of Directors of American Independen­ce Corp. ("AMIC" or the "Company")­ in connection­ with the proposed acquisitio­n of the Company by Independen­ce Holding Company ("IHC").  On June 27, 2016, the Company announced it had reached a definitive­ agreement for IHC to acquire all outstandin­g shares of AMIC.  Under­ the terms of the agreement,­ AMIC shareholde­rs will receive $24.74 in cash for each AMIC share they own.  http://www­­news/...or­p-acquisit­ion-may-no­t-be-in-th­e-5797655  
21.02.17 23:45 #68  buran
AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE............ . kein aktueller Kurs verfügbar ,GrB
10.09.17 14:54 #69  buran
bestätigen kein aktueller Kurs verfügbar ,GrB
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