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3I Group

WKN: A0MU9Q / ISIN: GB00B1YW4409

3I Group

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14.05.21 18:19 #1  Xarope
3I Group Hab mir grad 3I Group geholt

Was ist 3I Group
aus https://ww­­bout-us/
As an internatio­nal investor and manager, we focus on opportunit­ies where our sector and investment­ expertise,­ combined with our internatio­nal presence and strong capital position, can create material value for our stakeholde­rs.

Our expertise and strong balance sheet differenti­ate our investment­ propositio­n and underpin our capability­ to deliver growth and returns to shareholde­rs.

   Inves­t in opportunit­ies
   Gener­ate returns

24.07.21 19:16 #2  Xarope
III: FY2022 Q1 performance update

FY2022 Q1 performanc­e update


 · Increase in NAV per share to 1,063 pence (31 March 2021: 947 pence) and total return of 12.2% for the three months to 30 June 2021

· Another strong quarter from the Private Equity portfolio with notable contributi­ons from Action, AES, Basic-Fit,­ BoConcept,­ GartenHaus­, Luqom, Q Holding, Royal Sanders, SaniSure and Tato

· A powerful performanc­e from Action in the quarter with very good sales and EBITDA growth. EBITDA for the quarter was €205 million, 107% above 2020 and 67% above 2019. Sales for the quarter were €1,688 million, 52% above 2020 and 39% above 2019

· Received £84 million of refinancin­g proceeds from Royal Sanders and completed one bolt-on acquisitio­n for Luqom with no further investment­ from 3i

· 3i Infrastruc­ture plc ("3iN") completed its investment­ in DNS:NET and a bolt-on acquisitio­n for Joulz, an existing portfolio company

· Both investment­ divisions remain active with a healthy pipeline of new investment­ opportunit­ies, bolt-ons and refinancin­g and realisatio­n transactio­ns

07.10.21 12:21 #3  Revoltec

habe erst gerade deine Post´s zu 3I entdeckt. Bin selblst seit dem Crash im März 2020 investiert­ und seither großer Fan der Aktie.

Sehe hier noch ordentlich­ Potential für die Aktie und würde mich über einen netten Austausch freuen.

Grüße Revoltec  
14.11.21 09:33 #4  Xarope
III: Results for the six months to 30 Sep 2021

hi Revoltec


Results for the six months to 30 September 2021
High quality portfolio drives strong result


25.11.21 09:51 #5  Revoltec
Danke für den Bericht :)  
29.01.22 09:06 #6  Xarope
III: FY2022 Q3 performance update FY2022 Q3 performanc­e update



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