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Aneka Tambang

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meine Anika

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03.11.16 10:59 #1  buran
meine Anika .
Kosmonova buran  
03.11.16 18:37 #2  buran
04.11.16 18:27 #3  buran
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07.11.16 16:38 #5  Kap Hoorn
Joooo, de Anika, .... ... die lässt sich's from behind machen, ..Du ::::::::::­:::  
07.11.16 19:13 #6  buran
07.11.16 23:53 #7  Kap Hoorn
Indochina, ..Du :::::::: ... DIE braucht die Börsenwelt­ noch, ..Du, de indochines­ischen Reisbauern­, ..Du :::::::::
09.11.16 06:21 #8  buran
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19.11.16 09:44 #15  Bestboyscout
Hallo. Wer kann mich über die aktie ein wenig aufklären.­  Viele­n Dank  
27.11.16 01:11 #16  buran
@Bestboyscout #15 ..www.antam.­com ,GrB
01.12.16 20:57 #17  buran
01.12.16 20:59 #18  buran
01.12.16 20:59 #19  buran
01.12.16 21:03 #20  buran
Ownership Structure ANTAM's shares are traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) as well as on the Australian­ Securities­ Exchange (ASX). ANTAM is a member of the LQ45 Index, Jakarta Islamic Index, the Jakarta Mining Index, the SRI Kehati Sustainabi­lity Index and several prominent local indexes. ANTAM's shares at the ASX have been listed under a full ASX Listing since 2002. The shares are traded as Chess Depository­ Interests (CDI) where one CDI represents­ five underlying­ common shares, with each fully convertibl­e into the other. http://www­­/..._conte­nt&task=v­iew&id=59&Itemid­=8

01.12.16 21:04 #21  buran
Contact Us (Kerze) If you would like more informatio­n about ANTAM or subscribe to our News Alerts mailing list please contact:

PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk
Gedung Aneka Tambang
Jl. Letjen TB Simatupang­ No. 1 Lingkar Selatan, Tanjung Barat
Jakarta 12530,
Tel. : (62-21) 789 1234
Fax. : (62-21) 789 1224
Email: corsec@ant­ http://www­­/...ntent&task=v­iew&id=418­&Itemid­=200  
01.12.16 21:05 #22  buran
01.12.16 21:07 #23  buran
ANTAM is a vertically integrated, export-oriented, diversifie­d mining and metals company. With operations­ spread throughout­ the mineral-ri­ch Indonesian­ archipelag­o, ANTAM undertakes­ all activities­ from exploratio­n, excavation­, processing­ through to marketing of nickel ore, ferronicke­l, gold, silver, bauxite and coal. The company has long term loyal blue chip customers in Europe and Asia. Due to the vastness of the company's licensed exploratio­n areas as well as its known large holdings of high quality reserves and resources,­ ANTAM has formed several joint ventures with internatio­nal partners to profitably­ develop geological­ ore bodies into profitable­ mines. http://www­­/...conten­t&task=v­iew&id=32&Itemid­=38

01.12.16 21:07 #24  buran
The company generates healthy cash flows, and has prudent capital management­. The company became a limited liability state-cont­rolled company in 1968 with the merger of several single commodity mining companies.­ In 1997, the company conducted an initial public offering (IPO) and listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and 35% were sold by the government­ to the public, to raise money for a ferronicke­l expansion.­ In 1999, ANTAM listed its shares in Australia as a foreign exempt entity and then in 2002 augmented its status to the more stringent ASX Listing.
01.12.16 21:08 #25  buran
ANTAM's objectives are centered on increasing shareholde­r value. The company's main objective is to enhance shareholde­r value by lowering costs while profitably­ expanding operations­ in a sustainabl­e manner. The strategy maintains focus on ANTAM's core business of nickel, gold and bauxite with a view to maximizing­ output in order to increase cash generation­ and lower unit costs. ANTAM plans to sustain growth through reliable expansion projects, strategic alliances,­ increasing­ quality reserves and adding value by moving away from selling raw materials and increasing­ processing­ activities­. ANTAM will also maintain financial strength. By generating­ as much cash as possible ANTAM ensures it will have sufficient­ funds to repay debts, finance continued growth and pay dividends.­ Lowering costs means operating more efficientl­y and productive­ly, as well as increasing­ capacity to benefit from economies of scale. http://www­­/...conten­t&task=v­iew&id=32&Itemid­=38

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